Friday, November 17, 2006

Ewwww... French wine... yuck!

txrad accused me of being a wine snob last night. We opened a 2004 Col Des Vents red table wine from France. It was much too floral and perfumey for my palatte. I didn't even have my last glass. This was not an isolated incident. I've had other French wines in the past which affected me in the same way with that cloying floral bouquet.

Granted, this was not an expensive bottle of wine. About a week ago our wine purveyer was running a 20% off deal for purchases of 12 bottles or more. I decided to select a variety of different wines in varying price ranges -- all under $20, but many under $10. I splurged and bought 18 bottles. The most recent two bottles we drank were from Italy -- both under $10. The best one actually came in around $8.00 with the discount. I don't mind the floral essences as long as they are balanced or exceeded by lots of berries.

I'm not being intentionally anti-France here. And I'm not being a snob. I just like wines from Italy, followed by California and Australia.

My big winner thus far? A Montepulciano D'abruzzo by Farnese. Price: $8.09 with discount. How can you beat that?

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