Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Not that it means very much in the US but....

...South Africa has legalized gay marriage today. It passed the National Assembly 230 to 41.

From the Mail & Guardian online:
During debate on the measure, Defence Minister Mosiuoa Lekota said same-sex unions or same-sex marriages should be afforded similar space as heterosexual marriages "in the sunshine of democracy".The minister said that the question before MPs was not "whether same-sex marriages or civil unions were right or not; it was whether South Africa was going to suppress same-sex partners or not".

And there is some familiar rhetoric oozing out.
African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Meshoe described the passage of the Bill as "the saddest" day of the democratic Parliament in 12 years. He said while some forces are trying to convince people that homosexuality was okay, God considers it "an abomination".Voting in favour of same-sex marriage was a rejection of God's laws, and those who did so would face divine wrath, Meshoe warned MPs. He said the Bill, by inference, "calls sexual perversion a legitimate alternative lifestyle that should be openly accepted".

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