Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I just wanted to make a small announcement. My skunk post was my 1,000th post. I'm not sure if that includes drafts or not, but those will be posted at some point and there's very few of them anyway.

I started this blog just under one year ago, and we're coming up on the 1 year blogiversary -- or is it blogaversary? Both terms come up when you do a search. Anyhoo, I can't believe I've been this dedicated to something, and I appreciate all the readers who come day after day. I know, after taking on a real job, how difficult it is to visit blogs on a regular basis, but I keep trying.

Time for a few tidbits from work. txrad got a $4,000 raise already. He hasn't been there for two months yet but apparently they are getting nervous about mass defections due to the disorganization.

Our boss flew in from New York today. She brought 2 dozen New York bagels. She had barely settled at her desk when I was overcome with the smell of garlic and onion. I grabbed a raisin bagel for tomorrow's breakfast. We'll run over to Whole Foods Market in the morning and grab some cream cheese. txrad says he's going to have one of the stinky onion and garlic bagels. I told him to save me a bite. I swear, it's like medicine-in-a-meal. I'm 12 miles away now and I can still smell them in my clothing.

One of my Jewish co-workers in New York asked me if I'd had a real NY bagel yet. I told her I had not. She doesn't know I used to live in L.A. and our boss there would have bagels brought in every Monday from a local shop. Sorry New York, you don't have a monopoly on Jews who know how to make bagels. L.A. has its fair share and then some. But I'll play along.

Part of me is tempted to buy a bagel at Whole Foods and do a taste test just to be sure. If I am astounded, you'll hear about it here tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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