Friday, May 18, 2007

Another Psychic Konagod Moment

Damn I'm good. You people remember my post last week when I said I'd switched to a George Carlin "On The Side" quote and was wondering about his birthday and it turned out to be the same day I was updating the sidebar?

Well, last night when I did that string on birthday videos, I mentioned seeing Rick Wakeman in the YES clip even though it wasn't his birthday. Well, his birthday is today, so happy birthday Rick. Add another Taurus to the list.

I cannot in good CONscience post the solo clip of his I just watched, so you'll have to get him in the collaborative deal with Yes, which by the way, I have been hankering to acquire.

Good God, nothing takes me back to the early 70s like this band. And that's exactly where I'd go back to if I could. Well, maybe. Give me a night to think it over.

This one is for Phydeaux:

Be sure to check in here on Saturday. There are more wonderful birthdays to report.

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