Monday, May 14, 2007

A Crazy Day for Critters

This morning I went in bathroom #2 and saw a scorpion lurking beneath the baseboard. Finding scorpions in the house isn't unusual in warm weather; hell, a couple of years ago I had one in my pants and got stung.

Then after I got out of the shower this morning, I shaved, and did all my usual hair care ritual and left to go get dressed. No sooner than I had my underwear on I heard txrad screaming in bathroom #1 from whence I had just come.

There was a millipede on the rug where I had been standing a few seconds earlier. That's a first. For those of you unfamiliar with Texas millipedes, they are long. Six to eight inches at least. And not very pleasing to the eye. Somewhere I have a photograph of one I was going to post here but I can't find it. The bugger was attached to a wasp nest doing God only knows what.

This afternoon Sweet Pea (one of my two outdoor cats) had captured what I call a dirt snake. We have these things here. You dig into the soil and if you are lucky, you'll unearth a shiny snake-like critter that tries to slither back into the soil. I don't know what they are and they probably aren't snakes per se. But they sure look like snakes.

Anyway, I digress. Sweet Pea managed to stir up a nest of those this afternoon. He bit one in half and the other half was doing a happy dance around the patio. He caught the other half and ate that as well and then came over expecting me to give him some love. I ain't kissing no snake eating cat. Sorry.

A short time later he had another one on the patio. He bit half off and ate it and I noticed the severed half was slithering over to the patio table. This was just a bit too gross, even for konagod, so I came inside to retch.

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