Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Garden Blog

txrad has already harvested some zucchini which miraculously turned into sweet pickles.

Actually, it not a miracle. He mixes together some secret incredients -- I know sugar and vinegar are involved, as well as some mystery spices.

That fragrant brew gets poured over the sliced zucchini in txrad's special "pickle jar" and allowed to rest so that all the zucchini can, as Emeril would say, "get happy."

Happy indeed. I just tasted one and I'm ready to consume more. This could be a delicious sweet relish to supplement any meal.

Meanwhile, I have a new hobby of my own: strawberries. They may be small now but they are sweet and delicious and better than any berries from a store I've ever eaten. I'm not even a big strawberry fanatic.

Wish us luck on the upcoming tomato harvest. We've had a few bad years in a row and I'd given up but txrad persists in trying to get us a bounty. Here's one on the way.

txrad wants it known that he took the tomato photo. And I think he was even slightly intoxicated when he took it. I know I was slightly intoxicated when I saw him in the garden with the camera. So there.

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