Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Blogiversary to Konagod

It was one year ago today that I signed up for a Blogger blog. Or more precisely, one year ago today that I put up my first post. When I went through my archives to see what my first post was, I had planned to link to it. Now that I've read it I've changed my mind. Plus, due to all the various tweaks I've made to my blog template, some of the older posts are screwed up. I'd like to just start over.

Actually, a blog post on May 30 had this entry:

I'm in the process of creating an entirely new blog with a new host. When it's ready, in a day or so, I'll post a link here to the new site. I've got to hustle if I'm going to be ready in time for the Friday Pussy Blog!

Yeah. Pffft. That happened.

I've been looking forward to my one year blogiversary for months. Now that I'm here, I'm wondering why I was excited. I don't have much to say, my life is in such disarray I barely have time to do any blogging, and I keep thinking of shortcuts to help me keep posts up daily, but don't have any original content.

And I was hoping to unveil this blog on my blogiversary at a non-Blogger site. And that hasn't happened either.

So.... nevermind. I'm going to take a long walk to think about things. I'll be back when I have something to say. Meanwhile, here's a sampling of what I like to listen to when I'm in a contemplative state.

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