Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Celebrations

Deb is in the midst of a 48-hour birthday celebration of #51.

Pete Townshend is a whopping 62.

Grace Jones is 59.
When I worked at the HMV store in London 1983-1984 I had access to the VHS video player which fed a wall of monitors around the room as well as a booming sound system. Hardly a day went by when I didn't pop on the Grace Jones video at least once. One of my co-workers --the one who helped "out" me -- used to get really annoyed because she was not a fan of Grace. Ahh, the memories I get from seeing this.

Joey Ramone born in 1951. He died in 2001.

"Guess I'll have to break the news that I got no mind to lose."

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