Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Garden Blog

I am a berry fanatic. txrad will confirm this if there are any doubters out there. My favorite berry is probably a raspberry although it would be followed so closely by blueberries, I hesitate to pick favorites.

I tried growing blueberries here and the Texas climate just isn't ideal. Two years ago I picked up some blackberry plants at a nursery after reading that they can do well in Texas. I was quite disappointed to learn they don't produce until the second year. Here we go with berry #1, and it was worth the wait.

Shortly before I planted them, I did find a wild blackberry out in the front yard under some trees. It had probably been mowed several times because I had no idea what it was until I stumbled upon a ripe berry once.

I'm also quite pleased with my strawberry production. I only planted those a few weeks ago and I've already harvested several yummy berries. Strawberries were probably my least favorite berry until I tasted these homegrown ones. I pity the folks who only buy them after they've been trucked 1,000 miles from where they were grown.

While the blackberry pictured above has already traveled through my digestive system, this lovely strawberry hasn't yet, but will start the journey as soon as I'm done with this post.

Totally unrelated to berries, here's a shot of four o'clocks. A friend of ours gave us some seeds a few years back -- or maybe it was a plant, I can't remember -- but they are tough and have cute little seeds which look like hand grenades. I suppose they get their name from the time of day they open up their flowers.

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