Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Garden Blog

Two weeks ago I did a garden-related post and Rebecca suggested I should do a Monday Garden Blog. I thought it was a good idea but I forgot last week. It's a really relaxing way to start off the week.

These turned out kind of grainy because I opted to use the Blogger photo import option and selected "large" small* instead of my usual method of just inserting the original photo from the photo hosting service. It was actually too small to see the pods on the collards (top photo) so we're going with this one.

If we get as many seeds from those collard greens as I'm guessing we will, we could feed the entire city of Austin next year.

Next is a photo of a hydrangea I planted yesterday in the big green pot. Behind it you can see the oleander in bloom. I've tried to kill that damn thing several times with a saw, and cutting off as much of it as I could. It won't die.

txrad also purchased the varigated agave yesterday at the Home Depot where I got the hydrangea.

Lastly, at the bottom, the various yuccas are either in bloom or working on it. The red yucca is one of my favorites and the blossoms last for months. I enjoy harvesting the seeds in the fall. Sometimes I'm very lucky to reach the seed stage with these because they are located in an unfenced portion of the yard where the deer sometimes come looking for food. They find these to be extremely tasty. I usually mutter some kind of swear word when I go to the kitchen in the morning, look out the window hoping to see my red blossoms, and there's nothing but a chewed off stalk.

Later on when the white yuccas start to bloom I'll post photos of those. The stalks are shooting up on various ones, but so far, no blooms yet.

*I despise Blogger sometimes. I had to edit this post about 4 times because the photo was longer than the text, and because of the text wrapping around the photo, it wrapped a portion of yesterday's post around it as well. So I had to go with the smaller (shorter) version of this strip of photos.

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