Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's a Guy Thing

Unless a few of you women out there enjoy walking around with a wallet in your back pocket, and then you'll relate to this story as well.

I've never understood why men carry wallets in their back pocket. Not only is it easier to have it picked off in many cases, it's damned uncomfortable when sitting, especially if packed with cash or credit cards. (Being packed with cash somehow makes it more comfortable, but I digress.)

Yesterday morning I was driving to work and on some subconscious level I was thinking what a pleasant drive it was, aside from the fact that traffic was light. Upon arriving at the office, I turned to walk up the stairs, and felt around at my back pocket to be sure my wallet was there. Of course it wasn't. That's why I was feeling for it in the first place; I felt like I was carrying a lighter load than usual.

I didn't panic because I knew I'd left it at home due to a distraction of some sort while gathering up my things. But it's a strange sensation to suddenly be at the mercy of someone else to buy me things, and when leaving work for the day, having to rely to txrad to drive me home. I like to do the driving so this was a major inconvenience for me.

Anyhow, we still need to work on some alternatives to a wallet in the back pocket. Sometimes at work I find myself pulling it to the side as much as possible so I'm not sitting directly on it. Occasionally, if I'm wearing cargo shorts, I'll even put it in the side pocket which is far more comfortable, but then again I'll have the periodic feeling that I've lost my wallet whenever I give myself a reach-around and it's not there.

The last time I went to Europe I took along a hippie-esque fabric pouch that an artist friend made me many years ago. It's lightweight and pliable so it was easy to store cash and a credit card in it and stash it in my front pocket for safety. I like that.

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