Monday, April 23, 2007

One For The Roses

Specifically for Nicole. Ask, and ye shall receive.

After a particularly crappy birthday weekend, I am now in a much better mood after a productive Monday at work. Funny how a bad weekend can make a Monday at work seem great. So, I tend to get in a floral mood around my birthday so here we go.

I haven't walked around the Kona Ranch in a few months. It was a nice outing.

I love my cactus patch with the roses behind it, and the snapdragons were a nice surprise to find. I had no idea they were blooming. Our house is an odd layout and we hardly ever use the front entrance and patio where they are planted. I didn't realize until I'd posted this that the two cactus photos are almost identical. Sorry, it was a laborious process assembling these from 13 photographs I took and I'm rather worn out this evening.

The Jerusalem sage is looking quite nice this year as well. This is a hardy plant as it's growing in some very shallow poor soil and has been for several years.

In the garden, we have an odd onion which looks a bit like a snake which has swallowed a small rodent. And the pea blossoms are as lovely as an orchid.

In the picture below, txrad is showing off his bi-color roses which have come from the same plant.

The middle picture is a musk rose -- definitely a climber. It has grown high up into a dead tree and there are roses dangling from high branches which aren't easily seen in the photograph. It's quite spectacular. The bottom photograph is a shot of my collard greens again. Obviously I am obsessed with collards.

It was about 4 years ago when I decided to order several different roses from an online nursery. I ended up ordering about twelve and txrad thought I'd lost my mind. Our soil here is not great, and it's very difficult to dig a hole more than a few inches deep due to the limestone. I ended up putting several roses in pots but I did find places to put a few in the yard. Not all are pictured here because they aren't at their best currently. All in all, I'd say I have no regrets with my frivolous purchase.

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