Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Friday....


I hate being in a bad mood on a Friday because I consider this to be an integral part of my weekend. As soon as I walked in the door after a pretty tiring day, the smell of cat urine reminded me it was time to clean the litter boxes. One of them I had to completely empty out and of course I am out of clean replacement litter -- guess I should have checked that beforehand but there really wasn't an alternative and I'm sure as hell not going back out today.

Then the kitchen needed to be cleaned prior to making pizza dough. I also wanted to get some piles of newspapers out of the kitchen and as I was gathering those up I noticed some cat vomit lurking behind the stack.

Then I heard some crazed dogs in the garage going after one of our cats. I went out in the yard looking for Tiger and already being in a tizzy, I completely lost it when I saw a kite in the yard from the fucking asshole drummer-in-training neighbor who has a kite flying fetish and lets them fall where they may. And "may" is usually our yard and I'm SICK OF THIS. I want to gather them up and go deposit them in his trash-infested shithole of a yard. I can't get all the kite string out of the trees and I cut my finger trying to pull the string out of one tree.

When I went in to the house to get a bandage I noticed txrad had left in one of the cars and I suspected he had gone after the jogger who was responsible for the dog or dogs coming into our garage and attacking our cat.

Let's just cut a long story short and say that it's been a hell of a week and I'm not particularly enjoying Friday as it currently stands.

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