Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Lizard in My Pants

This was a strange way to end the afternoon. I walked outside and Sweet Pea was strolling down the path toward the patio with a lizard in his mouth. This is not uncommon on warmer days. I've rescued countless numbers of reptiles over the years.

I coaxed the lizard from his mouth and it hid under some leaves near a rock where I was standing. Sweet Pea isn't easily distracted at such times so I tried to lure him away. No luck. I went back to see if I could find the lizard and catch it so I could move it elsewhere. I heard it rustling through the leaves near my foot but I didn't see it.

As I backed away I felt something slightly scratchy in the leg of my pants. We have all kinds of scratchy grasses and weeds but I couldn't figure out how something like that could be nearly up to my knee in my jeans. I felt a lump and suspected it might be the lizard. I was correct. I had to drop my pants to retrieve it.

This was about the time txrad was coming home from work. I was having some difficulty holding a lizard with one hand and trying to button my jeans with one hand. It might have been awkward to try and explain to him why I was standing in the yard with my pants around my ankles holding a lizard.

I am indeed living in strange days.

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