Monday, April 02, 2007

A Shitty Job Takes On a Whole New Meaning

It's been interesting at work lately. On Friday the mailroom on the 1st floor had a sewage leak from the 2nd floor toilets. They got it cleaned up. Then today it started again, only worse.

Thank God I don't work in the mailroom. But being on the 3rd floor I could still smell it.

Would I make more money cleaning septic tanks? You gotta wonder. And contemplate.

I spent my whole day stressing about whether someone was going to flick their Bic just before going out on the 2nd floor smoking deck, and then we'd have a potential explosion that would make the news.

Oh, and stressing about the fact that I had to go evacuate my bowels and wondering whether it was all going to wind up on the floor of the mailroom just to complicate the situation.

My God, life is strange sometimes. Just call it Talosian Revenge.

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