Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Damn Good Friday Cometh

I have already logged in way over 40 hours this week and I have more work to do tomorrow. The good news is that we're closed for Good Friday. I brought the company laptop home and will be working from my abode tomorrow.

Plus I can take breaks and blog. Damn, I can't complain about that. It'll be like old times. Maybe I'll even get the pussy blog done before noon.

Meanwhile, tonight is like a Friday night....and that means tequila, pizza, and music. Let's see, what can I find to entertain us.....

After someone pointed out to me that my Melissa Etheridge birthday post was off by about a month made me question the site where I gather this data. Also I just did a birthday tribute for Stan Ridgway or Ridgeway (the same site list both dates with each spelling) last weekend, and now he's showing up again in the list as having a birthday today.

So let's just stay away from all that and do something spontaneous. Brandi Carlile is one of my favorite new artists. We saw her last year at the Parish in downtown Austin and it was a phenomenal show (I did a blog post about it) and she's playing there again a week from yesterday. She lives in Seattle but she fits right in here in Austin, and needless to say, the lesbian contingent really turns out for her!

I need to be there again next week. She makes me feel alive. And whatever it costs is worth it just for the lesbian factor. The music becomes a fringe benefit of phenomenal value.

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