Saturday, April 14, 2007

Maybe I Should Stop Taking Quizzes

You scored as Martin Heidegger. You are Martin Heidegger. You are a very wordy person that believes we classify objects by their function, and that community is essential. Once we are in a community, then it is possible for us to differentiate ourselves. You also might have sympathetic feelings towards Nazis.

Martin Heidegger


Friedrich Nietzsche


Jean-Paul Sartre


Albert Camus


Soren Kierkegaard


Not An Existentialist


Which Existentialist Philosopher Are You?
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Or perhaps I should refuse to answer questions if I don't fully understand their meaning.

I decided to conduct further research. Hmmm, maybe there are some similarities.

Philosophers are divided in their opinion of Heidegger: some regard him as the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century, while others view his writing as bombastic nonsense.

Via RPM, a fine blogger here in my own environs.

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