Monday, April 30, 2007

Brandi Carlile and the "Twin-digo Girls"

Brandi Carlile always has her finger on the pulse of where I'm at spiritually. I am rarely so moved by music. Well, not really. I should say by "new" music.

Brandi Carlile

Photo credit: Hiroyuki for the NY Times.

A couple of weeks ago I received her new CD ("The Story") as a gift from a a blogger pal.

I had planned to write a review but haven't been able to get it done. The CD is exquisite and I was so sorry I'd been unable to attend her show here in Austin. Upon reading this review in today's NY Times I decided to just link to that, and to thank my friend for sending me this timely gift.

Starting at a whisper and building to a roar, she deployed strategies borrowed from Jeff Buckley, among others. But what came across wasn’t any calculation; it was simply the raw power of her voice, and the conviction to let it loose.

Gotta love a review like that. Brandi, you're a fine wine.