Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Icky Sicky

I am home again today feeling rather contaminated. This started on Sunday morning when I woke up and realized my lungs felt like I'd smoked 4 packs of cigarettes the night before. I was really lethargic all day. Then Monday rolled around and it was clear this wasn't going to be a 24-hour ordeal. I did go to work despite feeling like hell. My head felt like it was being squeezed with a vise. My energy level was much too low to deal with an office environment and I was getting irritable -- something that's not unusual when I don't feel well.

I left there and came home about 12:15 with the intention of taking a nap. I decided to try and finish up some things I'd wanted to complete over the weekend. I got Turbo Tax loaded and have the tax returns ready to submit. I also called the credit union to have them reset my online password but they said I'd have to come in to a branch to do that. The last thing I wanted was to drive out again but I did. At least I have two less things to stress about.

I suspect pollen might be a culprit. There was a thick yellow coat of it on the car last Friday. Then we plunged into the low 30s on Saturday and remained there until late morning on Sunday. The forecast today had been for 80 degrees. I have my doubts. It's still cloudy and 55. I need warm sunshine. And I need it NOW.

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