Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Without seeming too crass, that stands for "fuck me running," as in "I've had the wildest day and I am forcing myself to post."

I'm glad everyone liked the garden post, and I promise I will try to adhere to a Monday Garden Blog, although with this being Texas, that might not work so well in July and August, but we'll see. I do like to take requests obviously.

My day at work started off great. I was relaxed and ahead of the game. By around 4:00 this afternoon things started to go to shit. I think a meeting is in order for tomorrow. When people start demanding the impossible, it's time to start explaining the situation to them in succinct terms.

Under a tequila influenced haze, I have composed an email to myself at work which I will edit tomorrow for general workplace consumption. Hell, this sure would be easier if there was actually a MANAGER present.

My job makes me feel like I'm trying to excel in calf-roping at the rodeo. Metaphorically speaking.

Anyhoo, I'm off to prep the pizza.

Roy Orbison's birthday was yesterday. I leave you with this gem.

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