Monday, August 28, 2006

another typical week has begun

Eight American soldiers were killed in Iraq today along with dozens of Iraqis. It was one of the deadliest weekends in months for the U.S. military and came in stark contrast to the prime minister's absurd claim that bloodshed was decreasing.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported last week that Iraq's inflation rate has hit 70%. Raw Story has more.

Fuel and electricity prices are up more than 270 percent from last year's, according to Iraqi government figures. Tea in some markets has quadrupled, egg prices have doubled, and all over the country the daily routine now includes a new question: What can be done without?

"Meat, I just don't buy it anymore," said Dawood, 66, holding half-filled bags at a market in Baghdad. "It's too expensive.

"We are all suffering," he said. "It's the government's fault. There is no security. There is no stability."

Meanwhile, Rummy had his hands full in a meeting with 700+ families of military personnel in Alaska. Aside from spewing much of the same worn-out garbage, he offered up what is probably a dose of false hope:

Rumsfeld, who received a mixed reception from a crowd that offered more applause for the questions asked than the answers provided, praised the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team. He would not commit to a date for bringing those soldiers home, but told a 12-year-old girl in the audience, "I'd bet your daddy gets home before Christmas."

He's such a caring prick.

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