Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Beauty of a Garden

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I was about to have a shitfit last night, and we don't need one of those. I sent txrad out for groceries yesterday afternoon because I was too busy with work. I totally forgot to add onions to the list.

Monday night is pizza night (so is Wednesday and Friday). I went in the kitchen and opened the pantry door only to find an empty onion container. Damn! What to do. I can't make a pizza without onions! And I've been known to pout, moan, whine and/or throw things when my dinner menu is forced to make an unexpected turn.

txrad was in the process of calming me down by saying "it's all right." Then suddenly he had an idea. We went out to the "garden" which currently consists of nothing but dead tomato plants. He knew right where to dig under the soil, and within seconds had pulled out these 3 bulbs. They were originally planted in the early spring as green onions and never picked. A very hot late spring killed off the tops but left the deliciously sweet bulbs well preserved for months.

Problem solved. Never underestimate the power of soil. They cleaned up nicely too!

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