Thursday, August 17, 2006

Crank up the android machine...

Like we don't already have enough to worry about in our future, now we have the dreaded robot rebellion.

(hat-tip to: The Disgruntled Chemist.)

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"These intelligent machines will grow from us, learn our skills, share our goals and values, and can be viewed as children of our minds. Not only will these robots look after us in the home, but they will also carry out complex tasks that currently require human input, such as diagnosing illness and recommending a therapy or cure. They will be our heirs and will offer us the best chance we'll ever get for immortality by uploading ourselves into advanced robots."

Chance of super-intelligent robots in the next 70 years: High

Danger score: 8

I wonder if they'll pose a threat to the sanctity of marriage. Let's just pray they aren't manufactured by Diebold.

Ruk! Protect!

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