Friday, August 18, 2006

Favorite Logos

This is going to be an odd post but I thought about it last night while watching "Broken Flowers." And since it is Friday night, anything goes.

What's your favorite corporate logo?

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I'm not a real corporate type (as if you needed me to tell you that little tidbit), but I think the old Northwest Airlines logo was probably my favorite. I'm attracted to anything that messes with the head, and this does. Or did. Why the hell did they change it?

(And speaking of messin' with the head, for a real treat, go here: NWA. That's some high flyin' of a different caliber.)

I love the way it starts out looking like a big "W. " (Try not to think of that Dubya.) Then you can see the "N" with the compass pointing northwest. That's just how my brain sees it. You may see the "N" first, and then force yourself to see the "W."

Whatever.... just wanted to throw that out there. Anyone have any better ones?

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