Tuesday, August 29, 2006

some breakfast links

Amnesty International has a video clip addressing the impact of the current conflict on infrastructure in Lebanon.

Also check out ACLU "Faces of Surveillance - Targets of Illegal Spying"

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Caitlin Childs

Many people express shock upon learning that I have been the subject of surveillance by Homeland Security. What could I have possibly done that would make government officials see me as a threat to national security, they ask. The answer? I joined a peaceful protest on public property outside the Honey Baked Ham store on Buford Highway in DeKalb County, Georgia. I was arrested after that protest for taking down the license plate number of the car belonging to the homeland security agent who had been photographing us all day.

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Kirsten Atkins

The knowledge that the FBI has a file on me, and that the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force has monitored my activities and that of many other citizens in our "free and democratic" society makes me really angry, but it comes as no surprise. It follows a historical pattern of government harassment of individuals and organizations that speak out against the government, anti-war activists and people who stand up for the protection of animals and the environment.

This is not democracy

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