Monday, October 02, 2006

Birthdays on October 2

Busy day for births:

QuakerDave paid a nice tribute.

Don McLean ("American Pie") is 61. I had that song as a 45 RPM single back in my days as a "young 'un" when Mark Foley would have been happy to have me as a congressional page, although I can assure you I would not have measured my dick for him.

Sting is 55. I was in Albuquerque on vacation the first time I heard the Police on the radio with "Roxanne." That song was the one that caused a HUGE musical change in direction for me around 1978 or so.

Phil Oakey, lead singer of the 80s band Human League is 45 today. When I was working at the HMV record shop in London (1983-1984) he would shop there and it was such a thrill to see someone who, at the time, was big on my list of faves.

Indulge yourself if you still cling to synths:

"Circus of Death" - Human League

And let's not forget the anti-births: Rock Hudson died of AIDS on this day 21 years ago.

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