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Dress Code Protests Roil Arkansas School

Control freaks are at it again. I understand the point of dress codes but this one borders on feverish insanity.

From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

The wristband protest was organized by Fighting Education-Depriving Uniform Policies, or FEDUP, a group founded by sisters Wendy Crow and Amanda Lamb to protest the dress code, which was made more restrictive this school year to specify shirt colors, numbers of buttons and pockets, and other details.
From KTHV, the CBS-affiliate in Little Rock:

The rules include wearing hunter green or white polo type shirts, khaki pants, shorts and solid black or brown belts.

Emma was suspended for wearing a fashion style belt. It was a brown belt with brads in them. Her mother, Amy Tatum, shows Today’s THV the belt and says it was that belt that Emma was sent home for. She says she was told it was a school violation because it had holes in it. Tatum asks, “How do you buckle a belt without holes?"

Tatum says, “It doesn't benefit Emma’s education to be sent home six times in six weeks for an extra button or pocket in the wrong place. Teach my child. My tax dollars don't pay you to be the fashion police."
The ACLU is expected to take legal action. Meanwhile students will be expected to continue counting buttons and pockets. has some interesting parental reviews of the school:

"This school is just plain horrible. Don't expect to be prepared for college, because most of everything that you'll learn here, is obsolete. School is supposed to be fair for everyone, but I guess they don't really care about their students. This school is so judgemental of everyone. That's why I'd have to say that whoever enrolls at this school, would just be wasting their time. "

"This is probably the worst school I've sent my kids to in the state of Arkansas. Original thought is discouraged, the learning environment is hostile, and the only thing administrators are concerned with are dress code violations. Try and send your children elsewhere if at all possible."- John

"Absolutely horrible! If administrators would spend more time on education and less time on dress code violations, children might be able to learn something. The administrators absolutely refuse to work with parents, and most times won't even interact with parents. "- Steve

"Watson Chapel is 'THE' worst schools in Jefferson County. I am split between 3 districts in my area, and Chapel is it. If I could pull my kid out legally, I would. Some of the teachers are just pulling a pay check. Let your child fail in a credited course and you will find out in 4 1/2 weeks, but be out of dress code. You receive a call in 5 minutes. 'Please come pick your child up from school. My child has missed 6 days since the start of school for dress code violation. (Black or Gold lantern). The hand book dose not recommend any color as long as the lantern is visible. What is Chapel teaching my child?"

Good question.

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