Monday, October 30, 2006

I Feel Like Such a Boob

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All I've done since Sunday morning is reset friggin clocks! In a post Saturday night (which, by the way, is still going strong comment-wise, I talked about my 3 atomic clocks. I recall last time the clocks changed that I had a similar problem.

My atomic wall clock reset itself correctly at 2:00 Sunday morning. But at some point in the afternoon (I'm guessing at 2:00 pm) it reset itself back to DST. Meanwhile I was in the kitchen manually resetting the clock radio and the microwave... and set them to the atomic clock which had incorrectly rolled back an hour after displaying the correct time when I woke up.

Honestly, I have no idea what time it is and I really don't give a damn. I just know it's Monday, it's dark and therefore time to start making pizza.

Screw time.

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