Monday, October 09, 2006

Firing a Few Rounds in School

Remember when the worst thing that got fired off in school was a spitball from a straw?

13-year-old fires an AK-47 in Missouri.

The NRA hasn't yet published an opinion on this story yet on their site, but it'll probably be similar to this bit regarding the shooting last week in the Amish school:

Do the media play a role in causing mass murders in schools and other public places? Certainly. Can anything be done about it? Perhaps.

The ARA then presents a link to this article in the Rocky Mountain News.

In a nutshell, it suggests gun control isn't the answer, or even feasible. The media bear some responsibility however. So, let me get this straight: You report the news and you have responsibility for copycat actions. You sell guns indiscriminately, no questions asked, and you have no responsibility. Interesting.

It wasn't immediately clear how the boy got access to the assault rifle.

I'll be waiting on that explanation.

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