Wednesday, October 25, 2006

No Racism in Tennessee Senate Race

Yeah, riiight...

From Rook's diary at DailyKos:
A friend of my mother owns a small shop on the main street of her town in Middle Tennessee. Her car has a Harold Ford, Jr., bumper sticker on it. The other day, a young man came into the shop and asked her if the bumper sicker was hers. She said yes.
The young man said, "You better watch out that you don't get your store burned down, because we don't vote for n*****s around here."

As if most of us don't know it for a fact, inbreeding is bad and should be stopped. Is this the "Tennessee life" Corker claims to have lived? It's enough to make you wish the elections were tomorrow... or yesterday.

More tasteless enjoyment...
Corker ad:

Ford ad:

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