Friday, October 20, 2006

Dire Warnings from the GOP Ahead of Midterm Elections

As a Republican bloodbath in the November 7 midterm elections becomes increasingly likely, the GOP is preparing to crank up the furnace as we approach the final 2-week stretch of campaigning. From the WaPo:
The mood among most GOP strategists -- with the exception of Rove and a few others -- is decidedly downbeat heading into the final 18 days. They see poll after poll showing a growing number of GOP House incumbents in serious danger, including many who just weeks ago were considered relatively safe for reelection. The list of most-imperiled incumbents now includes Reps. Heather A. Wilson (N.M.) and Curt Weldon (Pa.), a top GOP strategist said.

By this reckoning, roughly a dozen GOP-controlled House seats are "gone, no ifs, ands or buts about it," said the strategist, who discussed internal party deliberations on the condition of anonymity.

A number of GOP operatives said privately yesterday that they now see minimum losses of perhaps 18 seats, with 25 to 30 a more likely outcome. Democrats need 15 to take control of the House.

The first face I want to see on the morning of November 8 is the eternally optimistic Karl Rove. Hell, I might even have to pop open a bottle of bubbly (French, of course!) for breakfast.

Even President Bush seems to have
shoved aside the "family values" agenda to assist such destitutes as Rep. Don Sherwood (R) of Pennsylvania.
"I'm pleased to be here with Don Sherwood," a smiling president told the congressman's loyal but dispirited supporters at a luncheon fundraiser Thursday. "He has got a record of accomplishment."

Quite a record. While representing the good people of the 10th District, the married congressman shacked up in Washington with a Peruvian immigrant more than three decades his junior. During one assignation in 2004, the woman, who says Sherwood was striking her and trying to strangle her, locked herself in a bathroom and called 911; Sherwood told police he was giving her a back rub.

As the writers of the article point out, how ironic this is going on during "National Character Counts Week." Is there no driver on this bus?

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