Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's That Time Again

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This is one of three atomic clocks we have in the house. They reset themselves automatically at 2:00 am which is great. I still have to deal with the clock radio, the clock on the office phone, two car clocks, the microwave clock and one clock in a bedroom. This is also the clock that txrad accidentally knocked off the wall earlier this week, so the hands are unprotected by glass since that all got broken. The clock seems to be functioning though.

Although I do enjoy the long summer daylight hours I've never been too gung-ho about moving clocks ahead and back each year. It just seems silly. For a person who wakes up about the same time every morning based on an internal clock, it's also annoying. I usually need up to a week to make the adjustment.

My grandfather on my mother's side would never play the game. When we'd visit him in the summer we'd constantly be confused because his clocks would not match our watches. Knowing him, he probably thought it was some kind of communist conspiracy.

I've tried on several occasions to do the same but I always cave in and submit after a couple of days. It's just too difficult keeping track of important business hours when I don't participate in the time change. For instance, the liquor store in the summer would be closing at 8:00 "my time" instead of 9:00. That would suck if I got there at 8:05. One of the few times I've ever enjoyed the daylight savings time is when I was a kid growing up. Occasionally on a Sunday morning in the spring we'd miss church. Hallelujah.

It's just one of life's hassles I have to learn to handle. "Spring forward, fall back." Such is life.

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