Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An October Surprise?

This is the kind of shit that just makes me seethe.

With Democrats threatening to sweep Republicans out of power in Congress in the November 7 elections, a late-breaking foreign crisis, terrorist attack or another Washington scandal could change the debate and shape the ultimate outcome.

Why? Why the hell would any of these factors change the overall dynamic of the elections just 3 weeks from today? We have plenty of foreign crises right now that are not being adequately addressed; a terrorist attack would blow the Bush Administration out of the water after all the talk about how much safer we are thanks to them; and another scandal isn't going to affect much unless it's something monumental involving Democrats.

I seriously doubt whether much at all could impact the outcome of this election, even the capture Osama bin Laden -- or an announcement of his death. Neither of those two scenarios is going to have an impact on conditions in Iraq (or Afghanistan, for that matter). It might produce a very temporary spike in Bush's dismal approval ratings. I can't see how it would swing voters back to Republicans though.

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