Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Only Tuesday - I'm Drunk

But I deserve it. I did the work of 2 people today, and did what I estimated to be about 16 hours worth of work, and I managed to squeeze it into 10 hours. So when I went to buy tequila, I asked for the "small" bottle (200ml) of Hornitos. I was yapping with the clerk and when I got home I looked at the bottle and said, "Damn, that looks big."

It was the 375ml bottle. Oh well. I deserve it after a day like this....but tomorrow is only hump day. We shall see how that all plays out.

We do have dinner in the oven and that's a positive. I did not get muffins baked so I'll be grabbing one at Whole Foods again in the morning. Not terribly economical but extremely easy.

My latest infatuation is the breakfast buffet at Whole Foods. I'm not a big egg person. I don't even like eggs. But sometimes they have scrambled eggs, with potatoes, biscuits and gravy (all vegetarian, unless you count eggs as embryos in the fundamentalist sense -- I used to but don't any longer) and I am hooked on that. But this is damn good eats. I was so satisfied after breakfast, I didn't even eat my lunch until 2:35. I just want to pour gravy all over my biscuits, eggs, and potatoes, and that puts me in what some might call a form of heaven.

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