Monday, March 05, 2007

My Rant du Jour

This is related to my post early this morning, but I can't stop myself.

What is it with these friggin' banks/credit card issuers these days? I have a MasterCard payment due tomorrow. I went to their website to pay online. After going through a lengthy registration process and entering my bank information, I was informed it would take 6 business days before the process would be completed.

That wouldn't work since the bill is due tomorrow. So I called their 800# and went through a long automated process and found an option for doing the same thing on the phone using the automated service. After I had entered the bank information again, I was informed there was a $15 charge for using this service.

Well, excuse the fuck out of me! I'm trying to pay THEM what I owe them and they want ME to pay for the privilege of paying THEM. Go figure.

I called and bitched and they processed the payment at no charge. God, these people make life unnecessarily hard. And talk about greedy. Trying to screw me out of $15 now or $39 is my payment is late due to their inexcusable 6 day delay on setting up my online payment is not only absurd but immoral.


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