Saturday, March 10, 2007

*Prices May Vary at Your Location

Today we dined out for the first time in about 2 months. We still opted for cheap since we're trying to be conservative with our money. (Imagine konagod describing himself as a conservative!)

txrad decided we'd try a new place not far from the house called Taco Del Mar. The menu online looked acceptable for a couple of vegetarians. $4.99 for a jumbo burrito with guac and sour cream is right within our budget. Elsewhere on their website there is some fine print which is the title of this post.

Notice at the top of this menu it clearly states the burritos include rice, beans, cheese, salsa and chips too. Well, I assumed the rice, beans and cheese would be IN the burrito since it's a veggie, and that was a correct assumption.

The store location we visited added a twist on the "prices may vary" caveat. Upgrade to a "combo" for an additional $1.99 and you get chips & salsa and a 22 oz. drink. The burritos do not automatically come with chips and salsa without upgrading to the combo plan. And honestly, it's a big rip-off.

I had already planned to get a small drink anyway, but a handful of chips, and a small plastic container of salsa with a drink for $1.99 is not what I'd call a "deal" for the customer. It's a sweet deal for the store since their product cost was probably in the neighborhood of 25-cents....

For a customer already spending five bucks on a burrito (considerably less hefty than the Chipotle burritos, I might add), I would expect a better upgrade deal on that combo. Or how about just throwing me that handful of chips and salsa, and let me pay $1.09 for the drink.

I'm just sayin'. Buyer beware. It was tasty though. They just had far fewer options for stuffing that burrito with goodness than what I've seen at other joints around town.

Oh, and notice the option at the bottom of their menu: "add enchilada sauce to your burrito for $1.00."

My goodness, bargains abound at this place!

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