Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Garden Blog

OK, I know this is a stretch because it isn't garden per se. But flora and fauna rock my world. So stick with me until the garden is in production again.

It's yucca blossom season and they are going crazy this year. Of course with all the rain they went extra crazy and then flopped over with all the weight, but I suppose that's a seed spreading method. Us guys can relate. txrad had to hold this one up to show the size before allowing it to flop back over to the ground.

The blossom up close.

txrad has been growing garlic outside my realm of knowledge and today he sprang upon me this clove which I am using in our pizza tonight.. part of it at least. As with any home-grown produce, this has a medicinal aroma unlike that purchased in stores. Also the skin was extraordinarily hard to get off, unlike the dry garlic purchased in stores. I can still smell the aroma on my fingers as I type. Yum!

txrad isn't happy with the photo of the garlic, but hell. I'm trying to make a point here, not set up a photo exhibition.

Russian penicillin, coming right up!

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