Friday, October 05, 2007

The Hardest Button to Button

txrad's birthday was September 20 and I got him nothing except perhaps a kiss on the lips. But I always keep my eye on the lookout for a deal because there's no time limit for birthday presents as far as I'm concerned. Well, plus or minus four months is acceptable.

A big hat tip goes out to Minstrel Boy who turned me on to this last weekend and I seized the opportunity and ordered it immediately. It was shipped from Ukiah, California on Monday I think. I tracked it all week via UPS (and fantasized about what else I wish was en route to my home from Ukiah, but that's another story).

Every Picture Tells a Story:

He was excited. Hell, I was excited! The deal of the year. I thought this was probably a used button accordion. But it's clearly new. Just missing a strap to hold it shut. The price could not be beat.

We have smiles on our faces that just won't end. This is a SWEET FRIDAY.

And a very happy 3rd blogiversary to Shakers EVERYWHERE!

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