Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kona's Balancing Act

No, this isn't a circus routine. I've just spent several hours going as far back as 2003 trying to balance two IRA accounts and another brokerage account. I'd missed entering some data along the way so things were very much out of whack.

I knew something was up about 2 weeks ago when I went online to check my brokerage account and it indicated I had over $1,000 in CASH sitting in there and I had no idea. Turns out one of my stocks started pumping out cash dividends about two years ago.

All three accounts are now balanced to the penny and that makes konagod very happy. That also explains the lack of posting today. I haven't even been on a blog all afternoon, and that probably makes a dozen or so bloggers very happy as well. HA!

Tomorrow I'm going to work on my mortgage statements which are off by a few dollars compared to what Quicken shows we owe on our house. I don't know why I'm suddenly wanting to wear the accountant hat except that is sure does feel good to know I'm looking at accurate data.

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