Saturday, October 20, 2007

R.I.P. Richard Allin

The Arkansas Gazette was the daily paper I grew up reading and to this day I feel it was one of the best newspapers in the US, as well as the oldest west of the Mississippi, dating back to 1819. Richard Allin was a columnist.

I had no idea Richard Allin had died until I read the post over at Big Brass Blog late this afternoon by blackdog.

Here is an interview with Allin from 2000.
....Gannett took this paper and destroyed it.

What's so strange is that while at lunch today, and I had no knowledge that he had died until I read blackdog's post late this afternoon, I was thinking back on the Gazette and what a great paper it was, and I was cursing Gannett. I have no idea why that would pop into my brain today.

But another beautiful and relevant piece of American journalism is no longer in our midst.

This shitrag is all that is left of a legacy.