Monday, June 16, 2008

Fornicating Blogs

Lordy, I had a hunch my post yesterday was going to be mis-interpreted. Kelly nailed it.

Seriously, if txrad and I were going to be married in California, do you think I'd announce it as a footnote in a blog post about a camera??? Give me a fucking break!

I was indeed making a joke about how my two blogs (Black Soap being the other one, Toast!) need to get it on as one because with this job situation, I'm about out of control with my personal time. Part of that is due to the fact that txrad isn't here to handle his half of the chores, so we'll see how things shape up when he gets back.

I'm still not sure this two blog thing is working out although I do like having a strictly personal outlet, but come on! This konagod blog isn't exactly non-personal, and I rarely have time now to delve into political issues that are twisting my ripped-up panties in a knot. And even if I were, it's not like this is a highly regarded and popular blog for political opinion. I once fancied it as such back in the days when I worked at home and felt compelled to immediately jump on the latest Bush administration faux pas so I could run with the "big dogs" as if people were lurking here to be informed of global affairs. Those days are over.

To tell the truth, when I want to go on a tirade about something of mass appeal, I can do it here and at Big Brass Blog. Or I can do a diary at Pam's House Blend. But this dual blogging here at home is making me feel fragmented.

I need to go to my Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, click Computer Management, and run the konagod defragmenter.

We'll all be better off in the end.

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