Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Music Makes Me Crave Ethnic Food

txrad gets to banging on the keyboards and suddenly I'm craving dim sum. Or #45 spicy with brown rice. Or the Buddha's Delight.

Fuck me running.

I get hungry. Certain music spikes my taste buds. Question of the Day:

Does any music make you hungry? (I said HUNGRY, not HORNY)

The mere stroke of a sitar makes me crave Indian food. I felt a weakness today and I went to Whole Foods and decided to fill my bucket with their Indian buffet.

I call it Indian food for Gringos. What a crock of shit. And I spent over $11 for that pale shit.

The good news is that it sat in my stomach for far longer than most $11 meals, so for that I'm thankful. At the very least, I know I was well poisoned fed for $11. I didn't run to the crapper even once. Probably because I was so fucking busy at work.

Just thought you'd want to know. Carry on.

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