Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Prefer the Old Alice Cooper

And by old, I don't mean the current 60-year-old member of the Phoenix Country Club which bars women from the men's grill room. Sounds very Talibany. I prefer the old Alice you see in the music video I've had in my sidebar for about a week (and will soon be changing).
According to a 2007 club directory, Mr. [John] McCain’s son, Andrew, is a member, along with scores of other notable Phoenix residents, including the rocker Alice Cooper.

Sigh... Whatever. It's a free country. Who am I to try and comprehend ridiculosity?
Women at the club are not permitted to have lunch in the men’s grill room with their husbands after a round of golf; they have been barred from trophy ceremonies after tournaments, even ones they have sponsored, and may not participate in one of the most sacred rituals of the men’s grill room — sealing a deal over a beer with a client.

“If at three in the afternoon I wanted to have a business cocktail, there wasn’t any place to go,” said Vicki King, whose husband recently resigned from the club. Ms. King had privileges at the club as the spouse of a member.

As teenage boys saunter into the sumptuously appointed men’s grill room, their mothers are relegated to the ladies’ grill, down the hall with a hot plate, some card tables and no bar.

What a life.

I don't care to belong to a club that accepts people like me as members.

--Groucho Marx

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