Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Shopping Spree That Wasn't

It's a tough life when you struggle to spend money that isn't coming out of your own income. Last year I needed to cancel my American Express card and since I didn't want to lose a bunch of accumulated miles, I cashed them out for various things -- mostly gift cards. I have a $100 Pottery Barn card and a $200 Crate & Barrel card remaining.

We have been wanting a new rug for the kitchen -- one with the rubber backing so it won't slip around. Not only were we unable to find one at Pottery Barn, I really didn't see anything else I wanted either. Well, not for $100. I saw a desk I liked and $100 would barely have covered the sales tax, so we won't go there.

Pottery Barn is owned by Williams Sonoma and I'm pretty sure the card can be used at either store. There is a Williams Sonoma in the mall where we visited the Pottery Barn and it didn't even cross my mind to pop in there. I'll do that next time I'm at the mall.

Meanwhile, I still had two debit cards from when I got my phones back in December. That's how AT&T issues rebates and it's not terribly convenient unless you are buying something that costs over $50 and you can use the card up in one shot. I've made a few small purchases here and there and had to keep track of the balance on each card so that I can instruct the cashiers exactly how much to charge on the card when I'm spending the remaining balance. And as if that's not annoying enough, the cards expire on June 30 so I have to use them or lose them.

We hung about in Barnes & Noble for a long time browsing cookbooks and I almost bought one. Unfortunately, I forgot my B&N discount membership card so that took a lot of steam out of my buying excitement. We left with no purchases and went across the highway to a Linens & Things.

We found our rug. On sale. Half off! And I used up one rebate card and about half the balance on the remaining card. That's my feel good moment for the day.

The rug looks way nicer than that dirty white one. It doesn't exactly go with our flooring but that old shit is going to be history pretty soon. The rug will look great with the next floor.

Now I have $6.81 left to spend in my rebate debit card. I'll be a big spender on Monday.

(PS: The rug is made in the USA! Will wonders never cease?)

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