Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Have a Lot to Say

But it'll have to wait. I'm tired.

But I do find it interesting that in a moment when we could make great strides by taking advantage of hardships, we take the low road. It sorta takes all the fun out of the suffering.

Let's use 9/11/01 as an example. Name a positive we have achieved since that date. We have to go out and buy special 3 oz. plastic containers for shampoo and conditioner just to get on a fucking airplane, and we have suspended or put the Constitution through a cheap paper shredder.
We have made the lives of millions miserable.

Now fast forward to 2008. While all the aforementioned shit is still going on, now we have $130-$140 a barrel oil. We could be focusing on mass transit, alternative fuel technologies, etc. But what direction are we headed?

The low road.
Senator John McCain said Wednesday that he wanted 45 new nuclear reactors built in the United States by 2030, a course he called “as difficult as it is necessary.”


He said his ultimate goal was 100 new nuclear plants.


And he isn't the only idiot, I'm sorry to say. McCain's fuck buddy isn't the brightest lantern on the streets of the idiotless village.
George W. Bush has his own ideas for solving our problems.
President Bush urged Congress on Wednesday to end a federal ban on offshore oil drilling and open a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil exploration, asserting that those steps and others would lower gasoline prices and “strengthen our national security.”


Mr. Bush sought to take full political advantage of soaring fuel prices by portraying Republican lawmakers as imaginative and forward-looking and the Democratic majority in Congress as obstructionists on energy policy.

"Imaginative and forward-looking?"

I'm totally losing confidence in our collective intelligence.

It's quite comical watching a society collapse before my very eyes. "We" could stop this madness, but you know, there's bigger threats to our survival.

The Westboro Baptist Church and others of their ilk can keep us abreast of those threats. And we certainly trust them to do so.

Yeah, like believing "on" Jesus is going to solve our problems. It must be nice living in fantasy land. Perhaps I should give it a try.

Run along now you little brainwashed brat. We've got a country to save so you don't live a life of absolute hell before you turn 18. You might be eating poop yourself when you can't afford corn or rice. Fucking idiots.


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