Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ask And Ye Shall Receive (With Some Elbow Grease)

My Thanksgiving weekend got off to a rather sour start late on Wednesday when I got an email from the dude at the roofing company who gave me a quote back in May for a new roof and replacement windows. He said he showed a balance due of $500 and wondered when we would be paying.

Yes, there is a balance due of $500. The guy who was here supervising the work during the summer installed the roof (excellent job!) and the windows... not so excellent. We waited quite a while for a broken bedroom window to be replaced and when it was, we felt it was not fitted properly.

I explained this to the guy and told him to come back out and investigate, plus there was still a lot of unfinished caulking to be done, and various other drywall repairs.

I haven't seen him since the summer. He did apparently call a representative from the manufacturer of our windows who contacted us and said he would send a guy out to check the situation. Several weeks passed and no guy. I called him back, and was told the guy had been on vacation and would catch up to us soon. That was probaby four months ago.

So, I got this email from head honcho wondering about his $500. I wrote him an email similar to this post, and attached some pictures. We have cold air seeping in around many of the windows which were not sealed properly. And it looks like shit. I bought a box of joint compound which I could use to repair this "job" as well as some caulk, but this is not my responsibility, and I'm glad I haven't started the project.

If "Bob" wants his $500, he can send someone out and do this job correctly. Because I seriously doubt he wants me giving his local Austin company the kind of bad publicity I'm prepared to do.

Here's just a sampling of the photos I sent to "Bob" today and asked him if I should be satisfied with the many thousands of dollars I spent on this project.

What do you think? Am I right or am I unreasonable?

This is the window in my bedroom... the one in which the frame is possibly bent as well.

This is a window in the living room. Minor repair, but should it be my responsibility to do it, while paying head honcho $500 for a job not completed? I don't and didn't expect them to paint it, just REPAIR it and I'll tidy up.

But the best has to be the window in the garage with that gap across the top of the window. Did they think we wouldn't notice? That it wouldn't matter because it's.... the garage?

And I haven't posted photographs of the various uncaulked windows where cold air seeps in. These windows were supposed to improve our energy efficiency.

I'm livid. Bob will get his $500 only if he sends someone out to fix this shit.

You want your $500? Come do your fucking job. Right, this time.

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