Sunday, November 09, 2008

Remake, Remodel

[This post has been updated at the bottom.]

It's really strange to be very close to making a decision on the flooring material for the kitchen, utility room, den and foyer. Having had my heart set on hardwood for years, I recently had second thoughts and decided natural stone might look nicer. And it would add some character. I think it would transform the house into a rustic Italian country abode.

Having spent several days with both these yellow and peach/rose tiles, I thought the reddish peach looked better against our cabinets in the kitchen, but the yellow looked fabulous in the den and foyer. I'm starting to think the yellow might even look better in the kitchen if I repaint the kitchen another color besides... yellow!

I mean, seriously. Look at this! I can definitely imagine being happy with these throughout the kitchen & den. I love the different patterns and veins of color.

Here are the same three tiles in the den in front of the fireplace under a light. You can really see the yellows and golds pop out.

The contractor is coming back out on Monday and bringing a couple of additional tiles in a red tone. But in the meantime, what do you think? If you'd rather not comment for fear of offending me, use the poll to vote anonymously. Poll is located at the top of the sidebar.

Whatever. But that ugly ass 1980s vinyl has GOT to go and soon.

Update 11/10: The polls are closed. Thank you all for expressing your opinions. It was pretty much tied in terms of opinion but I think I'm about 80% sure this is what my kitchen will look like a month from now. While I love the peach/rose/pink, I think it might be a tad overwhelming in two adjoining rooms. Besides, I love Amarillo!!! Thanks to Rebecca for the Spanish lesson.

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