Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We Voted

And I took my sweet time about it.

It was in the 2000 election in which I bypassed the presidential vote in order to vote for all the other candidates and my intention was to vote for Al Gore last so I could savor the moment before I cast my ballot. By the time I got to the end, I was so eager to cast it I completely forgot I hadn't voted for president. That will never happen again. This time I didn't even notice who else was running for leader of the free world.

One nice surprise was to see the name Lloyd Doggett on our ballot. I'm quite sure his district did not encompass our neighborhood the last time around, but it's a pleasure knowing that we are represented by him and not a Republican from San Antonio. I had been a bit annoyed knowing that Seventh Sister is represented by him and she only lives a few miles to our east.

Today I stared at the summary screen showing my votes, scrutinizing it to be sure I voted. Then before I cast my ballot I scanned it again and just stared at my vote for president for a few seconds to relish the moment. My hands were clammy and I literally had chills across my body. And then I pressed the red button and walked away.

I voted for a man named Barack Hussein Obama. Imagine that. My mother believes he is immediately going to begin destroying our nation.

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