Monday, March 01, 2010

Glenn Beck's Quiz Results Finally!

After my Friday Glenn Beck post, and the follow-up on Saturday regarding the Nolan Chart quiz server crash, I decided to give it one final shot today.

I got in! I took the quiz. Based on the multiple choice options presented in the quiz I'm really not surprised by the results. But I am going to dismiss the entire theme of Glenn Beck's Friday show, centered around this quiz, as being an exercise in determining who you are and where you fit in the chart.

Sure, I do have some Libertarian leanings. I even called myself a Libertarian for awhile. I suspect I fell into this quadrant in the Nolan quiz because so many of the questions were conservative hot-button topics, one of which was on the issue of gay marriage. I said it was none of the government's business being involved in marriages and they should get out.

I would really like to know how I'd score if that question hadn't been in there. But as I've said, the questions were limiting in the sense that I had to pick from four possible answers, and sometimes the best of the four still doesn't quite describe my viewpoints. It's complicated sometimes.

(Not sure what the flowers have to do with the chart, but...)

Whatever. I'll gladly take the northwest corner of that box over the south and east side.

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