Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Various & Sundry

I'm having one of those days. Maybe 3 weeks of broken facial bone issues and liquid diets is hitting my limit of tolerance. Maybe it's the healing process that's getting on my nerves. Itching in places I cannot comfortably scratch wears on my nerves.

Blogs that have to put a [Trigger Warning] on a post which links to an article about a 90-year-old man killing his 89-year-old wife in a nursing home are getting on my nerves. A [Trigger Warning] for THAT? For Christ's sake, it goes on in every damn city in the country every goddamn day! It's sad, but...triggering? How do some people even face the day? If that's all it took to trigger me I think I'd just shut everything down and play solitaire all day.

What not just rename the blog "[Trigger Warning]" and be fucking done with it? That would have all the posts covered.

Work got on my nerves today. Systems and procedures and processes. The whole shebang.

I went to the Department of State website today to check out passport applications, just to see how complicated they have become since 9/11/01. I haven't applied for one since the late 80s. Not big changes but there was a question in there regarding where you plan to travel and what dates.

That irritated the hell out of me. Do I need to have plans before I apply for a passport? I just can't have one and be spontaneous? The damn thing is valid for 10 years. And there's only room there to list one trip and one date. Stupid pointless annoying question.

Stop me because I could go on and on.

Let's switch gears before I have to [trigger warning] cut something.

Question: iPhone or Droid or other?

What do you like/dislike about your phone?

I know a couple of people who have gotten a Droid recently. They seem to like it.

I may be stuck with AT&T and their products for awhile. I have my mother on my Family plan with AT&T with a RAZR which is about 10 times the phone she really needs, but it was one of the most basic I could have gotten at the time.

Now with all the QWERTY keypads and shit, I can't even think about upgrading her phone. There is no point. She just needs to be able to dial or pick up and answer. Period.

The Droid is a cool phone but Verizon doesn't seem to offer a basic phone like that (the RAZR), even for "free." So I guess I'm stuck keeping her on AT&T as well as me and txrad. When I decide to upgrade or when I need to, guess it'll be an iPhone. Or not. No biggie and no rush either.

Gonna go wash my nappy hair, shave my face and see if that doesn't elevate me to a better frame of mind. Then I can go sit and watch TV and see what Rush or Glenn said today to throw me right back into a tizzy.

Is it Friday yet?

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